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Flying Kiwi

Ottolenghi Flavour

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The three words most likely to raise a food lover’s heart rate? New.
Ottolenghi. Book. Yotam’s back at it again with with a book dedicated solely
to veg, following his global bestselling, multi-award-winning Plenty series.
This time, he has teamed up with co author Ixta Belfrage, who is an incredible
chef in Ottolenghis test kitchen team.

Flavour showcases Ottolenghi’s tra­demark style of veg-centric,
flavour-focussed cooking to the next level, asking not just what to cook, but
how. How do you tap the potential of every ingredient to create truly
extraordinary dishes? How do certain cooking processes work to enhance your
vegetables, unlocking layer after layer of flavour? How can clever pairing help
individual ingredients to shine? This book is a deep dive into flavour, and a
must have for both Ottolenghi fans and vegetable enthusiasts.

The book is broken down into three parts, each dedicated to a fundamental
element of flavour: Process, Pairing, and Produce. With over 100 recipes for
everything from simple weeknight meals to standout dinner party dishes,
accompanied by truly stunning photography, Ottolenghi Flavour is the book
Ottolenghi enthusiasts and vegetable lovers everywhere have been
waiting for.

Recipes we are most looking forward to: Aubergine Dumplings alla Parmigiana,
Miso Butter Onions, Spicy Mushroom Lasagne and Hassel back Beetroot with Lime
Leaf Butter.

Perfect for: Long-time Ottolenghi fans will absolutely adore Ottolenghi
Flavour, as will anyone who’s interested in levelling up their cooking,
understanding their ingredients, and unlocking new depths of flavour.